Our Competence

Organizations need to stay in fighting shape to compete. Assessing the fitness – both functionally and financially – of every operation and activity is the role played by management. 

Today’s challenge includes to efficiently govern resources, use facts and information properly, actively manage performance, speed up decisions, set benchmarks, handle complexity and demand integration. As prices are mainly determined by the competitive market environment organizations have to focus on process optimizations and cost reductions. 

Therefore, cfo will analyse processes within the entire supply chain to produce significant and lasting increases in profits and cash-flows for its clients. 

Improving profitability and increasing enterprise value is essential.

Our Areas

cfo is active in a wide area of business subjects: 

Corporate Management

  • Strategy Development 
  • Turn-around (Crisis) Management 
  • Process Optimization 
  • Profit Enhancement Programs 
  • Lean Management 

Financial Management

  • Cost Analysis 
  • Cash & Fund Management 
  • Working Capital 
  • Risk Management 
  • Accounting 
  • Insurance 

Manufacturing & Logistics

  • Process Design 
  • Material Handling 
  • Workflow 
  • Transport 
  • Facility & Maintenance Management 

Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain Strategy & Design 
  • Sourcing 
  • Logistics 
  • Process Re-Engineering 
  • Planning 
  • Contract Negotiations 

Customer Relationship Management

  • Market & Customer Development 
  • Sales Monitoring 
  • Business Recovery 

Our Principles

cfo has a clear aim to sustainably improve client’s business position: 

Target Orientation

The aim is to achieve SMART profit results. 

Execution Power

Profits are made from doing not talking or meeting. 

Certain Amount of Aggressiveness

Stand-up for your views. 

Hands on

Keep your hands dirty.


 80% in time instead of 100% never. 

Your Benefits

Each project is managed by a senior partner from day one until the finalization which is profit realization. 

To improve company profitability

There is always a need to improve profits. cfo is focusing on bottom line. 

To introduce a profit culture

Clear target orientation is a must within an organization to achieve superior results. cfo will implement such a team spirit. 

To improve company cash-flows

Financial means are limited and costly nowadays but essential for future growth, expansion and innovation. cfo will reduce financial cost and working capital to strengthen purchasing power and to facilitate investments. 

To enhance customer value

Enthusiasm for your products and services is needed to gain customer confidence and deliver the right solutions for them. 

To improve working practices and services

cfo analyses the whole production cycle resulting in higher productivity and better service levels. 

To increase enterprise value

Return is the base for growth. Who grows profitable, generates value. Who generates value, attracts investors. Who attracts investors, can invest. Who invests, can grow.