Our Competence

cfo is an independant private equity investment company that supports unquoted small and medium sized companies to succeed and experience more growth. 

cfo is committed to help to

start up a company

expand a business

buy-out partners or parent companies

revive or turn-around a company

buy into a company

cfo is an active investor and supports companies in financial, operational and strategic matters and holds its participations long-term. 

Our Principles

cfo feels obligated to increase customer value and create corporate value.


We do the unexpected and share what we learn. 


We operate in a highly productive and efficient way. 


We are respectfully nice. 


We believe in others. 

Your Benefits

cfo has a long lasting track record and an in-depth knowledge in various global industries. 

Strategic Insight

Due to the extensive experience cfo and its partners are able to identify attractive investment opportunities and to execute strategic plans in order to create substantial customer benefits and enterprise (shareholder) value. 

Transactional Know-how

cfo and its partners were involved in numerous business acquisitions worldwide and can execute complex deal structures. 

Operational Excellence

The partners of cfo are highly experienced professionals which have had various senior management positions in global industries. As such cfo can provide business support and advice in almost all areas of business.