cfo stands for cash-flow and was found into 2000 to invest in small and medium sized companies and to provide premier support to help business prosper to it’s clients. 

Organizations will have to change fundamentally in order to cope with economical and environmental conditions. 

Investment Management

cfo is an independant private equity investment company that supports companies to succeed and experience more growth. 

Performance Management

Improving profitability and increasing enterprise value is essential. 


cfo is very active in two areas of business: Private Equity and Consulting. 


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It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that is most willing to change.– Charles Darwin

There are types of winners and losers. While some are committed to do things to win, others only see the work ahead. Without execution there is no goal. The point is: YOU have to decide which type you are!

Herbert Noichl, Founder

cfo is specialized in investing into small and medium sized companies in order to achieve profitable growth.
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